Ai3 partakes in Norwood’s 8th grade STEM Student Outreach discussion

January 2024

Ai3 was thrilled to have our own Lucas Armstrong join a fantastic group of professionals representing the Coakley Middle School project team for a behind-the-scenes presentation and discussion with Norwood 8th graders as part of their STEM program to show them how a real-world collaboration of STEM professionals is making their new middle school a reality. Lucas, Anissa Ellis from Vertex, Dave Hipolito from G&V, Ben Danforth and Bethany King from W.T. Rich Company, along with three college students from Wentworth Institute of Technology’s STEM program, were all given the chance to speak to the 8th graders about the future of the design and construction industry, what they do for a living, why they chose to pursue a career in the industry, and what their educational backgrounds are. They then ventured outside to review and observe firsthand the construction status of the new Coakley Middle School building.

The opportunity to connect and educate students immersed in the unique experience of witnessing the daily construction progress of their new school is one of the many perks of working in K-12 educational design. Ai3 is energized by such interactions and looks forward to continuing this collaboration with the students throughout construction!