ALL PRINCIPALS COLLABORATIVELY EXCHANGE IDEAS and engage in design critiques for all design projects. The collaboration ensures that we meet or exceed our design expectations on every project.

AI3 WAS ESTABLISHED BY FOUR ARCHITECTURAL PARTNERS committed to building a team of the most talented professionals available. Our purpose is to deliver unequaled design, service, and vision to selected clients who demand and understand excellence. Today, each of us plays a full-time role in all aspects of our projects. Additionally, we have hand-picked the entire Ai3 team in an effort to achieve our goal of designing the most outstanding educational facilities in the world; facilities which inspire and facilitate learning at the very highest level. Each of our talented team members understands that our tremendous success has been achieved through focus, vision, sacrifice, and passion; and is committed to delivering these same qualities in each of our future endeavors.

AT AI3, WE FOCUS ON QUALITY and not quantity by limiting the volume of our work and ensuring that each project gets our undivided attention. Our team members' skills and talents are utilized to achieve creativity, vision, ingenuity, and excellence. Our clients reap the benefits of this focused pursuit of excellence. This effort is always rewarded by the pride we feel to have played a small part in influencing the education of America's future generations.