WE ENVISION SUSTAINABLE DESIGN as the ability to incorporate concepts and strategies in buildings that leave future generations with a high quality of life by reducing the impact of the built environment on the natural environment. We approach the design of all our projects with this environmentally conscious vision. We believe in designing cost effective projects utilizing environmentally conscious "green" design goals while educating professionals, owners, and the public.

Our "green strategies" are carefully researched for each project and presented with first costs, life cycle costs, payback costs, and maintenance costs to the Owner. We attribute our success of implementing many of these strategies into our projects to early planning with the Owner, our ability to set sustainable design goals early in the design process.

Our road map for achieving excellence in Green Design includes an innovative 10-step proprietary process we created to outline the congruent efforts of the Architect, the Owner, and the Contractor. The process is called LEAF (Leadership in Academic Environmental Facilitation) and navigates the design team through the complex green design process in an effort to maximize sustainable design features and ensure cost effective solutions are properly and promptly analyzed, documented, and approved in the design process. LEAF identifies, sorts, and assigns roles, responsibilities, and scheduled decision points from project inception to post occupancy.


-Minimal impact site design
-Water use reduction strategies
-Energy efficiency concepts
-Renewable energies
-Material selection and reuse
-Indoor environmental quality


-Increased average daily attendance
-Reduced operating costs
-Increased teacher satisfaction
-Employee retention
-Reduced liability exposure
-Reduced environmental impacts