Framingham MA | Renovation
After many years of leasing a school facility, the Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter School (CMRCS) established a goal of purchasing and developing their own customized school environment. The Board of Directors and Executive Director selected Ai3 to assist them in reviewing existing buildings which were potential candidates for purchase. The school’s urban location dictated that all available properties were commercial properties, and most of the potential candidates involved existing office buildings that would require renovation and/or expansion. Ai3 ultimately recommended the purchase of a commercial property at 137/139 Newbury Street in Framingham. The property included two existing 20,000sf office buildings and a 5,000sf industrial warehouse. A master plan was developed to include the development of the entire campus, with an interim step that included maintaining one of the existing office buildings as leasable (income earning) property. The school converted one office building into an academic core, renovated the warehouse into a fitness, adventure, and art space, and added 8 new classrooms in the form of a modular addition. The entire building is themed toward exploratory learning, as the students can utilize their building as a learning tool integrated into their curriculum. A creative mater plan which included maintaining a portion of the property as income-producing was a key element in allowing the school to achieve their goal of ownership.