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Ai3 is a collective of lifelong learners – a strong team of problem solvers, regularly working together to reach high-quality solutions.

“As founders, it’s not about what we want. It’s about what the staff needs to professionally grow.”

Founding Partner

A Learning Culture

The schools we design are places for learning and collaboration – so is Ai3. We have learned that sharing knowledge across all levels of the firm brings energy, motivation, communication, diversity, and strong technical awareness to all that we do.

Our office is a learning laboratory where 20 years of experience designing public, private, and charter schools provide real-world learning and teaching opportunities and where lessons learned are integrated into new projects.

By Design

Ai3 was collaborative from the start. The firm began as a partnership of architects, not the vision of one individual. This team-based design approach continues to develop, providing every individual the opportunity to share, learn, and grow at every career stage.

Creating a school requires an extended team of professionals, consultants, engineers, and contractors who bring expertise and guidance to every project. Ai3 is a community of architects working with a coordinated team of collaborators for a community of educators and administrators…continually learning from the learning environments we create.

A place for individuals to grow

We are a mid-size firm that supports every team member at all stages in their career. We recognize and nurture an individual’s unique skills and interests and the value they provide to the team. Because large-scale projects require a lot of attention, we retain staff at all levels, including licensed architects and interior designers, to serve as capable mentors and advocates, assisting and guiding team members at all levels, creating a collaborative environment where recent graduates work side-by-side with experienced professionals.

Whether it’s honing design skills, broadening technical knowledge, improving presentation capabilities, taking on greater responsibilities, or gaining experience on site, we provide the most appropriate opportunities. For individuals with a specific interest, such as construction administration or technology design, we offer tailored paths and, for those on a more traditional path, we provide resources to complete the Architecture Experience Program (AXP).

At Ai3, you pick your future and we help you get there.


Heather Martins NCIDQ

Senior Associate | Senior Interior Designer

"I’ve always loved the idea of designing schools.  It’s basically designing a city in one building.  There’s so many opportunities for creativity and innovation…"