Sacred Heart High School

Kingston, MA

Ai3 has a long-term relationship with the Sacred Heart School, completing the master planning and execution of multiple renovation projects involving the transformation of aging facilities into modern 21st Century educational environments.

Sacred Heart serves grades PK-12 with multiple facilities on a contiguous campus in Kingston, MA. Projects included the planning of new student socialization areas, student dining, drama, and debate facilities.  Also included was the renovation of an outdated science wing to provide new physics, biology, chemistry, greenhouse, and life science facilities. Strategic modernization of existing hallways included the creation of student exhibit areas, as well as innovative use of lighting and a modern aesthetic to create an environment of forward-thinking investigation and learning in the science academy.

All projects involved phasing and scheduling of the renovation work to ensure that the existing educational environment was not disturbed, despite the building remaining fully occupied and functional throughout the duration of construction. We are very proud of the “before and after” transformation of the various projects at Sacred Heart, as each of these projects involved complex renovations that had to be completed on a fast-track schedule with limited available funding resources.

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