Whitman-Hanson Regional High School

Whitman, MA

Since its opening in 2005, the new 1,350-pupil Whitman-Hanson Regional High School has been toured by educators, architects, engineers, and design specialists, all hoping to better understand the results that can be achieved through superior planning, design, and innovation. It has been hailed by educators and designers across the country as an outstanding example of educational excellence and environmentally conscious design. It has been visited by energy conservation engineers from as far away as London, England, and educational experts from as far away as Beijing, China. The final product speaks for itself, demonstrating a highly advanced educational organization, the highest quality materials, the most sophisticated technology infrastructure, and selection by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative as THE example of a green/sustainable 21st Century educational facility. As part of the MTC’s Green School Pilot Program, which included over eight other school projects, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School was determined to be the program’s most energy efficient school.

In order to satisfy the goal of incorporating Whitman’s and Hanson’s histories within the new high school, the “Main Street” corridor or hallway within the school incorporates many historical references from within the towns. It becomes a “museum” for the display of artifacts, plaques, and historical references. Even the architecture of this space includes references to key developments in Whitman and Hanson history.

The Whitman-Hanson Regional High School was later selected by the MSBA as the first “Model High School” because of its high quality, advanced educational environment, low cost, timely completion, “green” design elements, and post-occupancy operation and performance. The final product is an educational facility that incorporated numerous unique organizational strategies, learning environments, and technological advancements never before fully integrated into a high school environment.

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“This has been a ‘Dream Project’. The educational and construction expertise of Ai3 is phenomenal. These guys have really been amazing and I credit them with launching us into the 21st Century. I have been involved with many school projects in my career…this firm is unequaled in their professionalism, educational expertise, design approach, and overall quality delivery.”

Dr. John McEwan Former Superintendent of Whitman-Hanson Regional School District