Beverly Middle School

Beverly, MA

The new Beverly Middle School, which accommodates 1,395 pupils in an educational facility over 230,000 square feet, was designed to promote small learning communities and to support school culture and pride. The open environment allows for small group study and student exhibit areas to showcase works-in-progress throughout. The four-story building design is organized into 12 small academic learning neighborhoods wrapped along a multi-purpose spine containing shared amenities such as the media center, two student dining spaces, and project labs for hands-on investigation at each corner. STEAM is integrated through project-based learning, allowing students or visitors of the school to observe and/or participate in the work of each learning community. The learning communities take advantage of space within the academic corridors for individual study, meeting in small groups, and exhibit space. Shared group rooms in between academic classrooms allow larger groups to work without disruption to the core class but still within view of the teacher. The school is also landscaped to include outdoor classrooms, areas for art, reading, dining, and an amphitheater. The building wraps around the outdoor learning courtyard on three sides, allowing one side of the courtyard to be fully open for student arrival and departure from a bus and parent drop-off area. These spaces are directly accessed from the magnificent 40’ high by 120’ wide high-efficiency wall of windows that flanks the spine. Community facilities like the performance theater, double gymnasium, and media center are organized to allow after-hours public access without interruption to the remainder of the building. Site amenities include playfields, a bike path, and parking for over 300 vehicles. Beverly Middle School was the first MSBA project to be developed with a comprehensive BIM (Building Information Model), which places the entire building within an interactive 3D model.

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“Ai3 delivered the largest, most innovative middle school in the Commonwealth… far from ordinary and beyond extraordinary. The professional relationships I had with the Partners made my job a joy… I miss the days of designing and constructing this amazing facility with them.”

Mayor Michael P. Cahill City Mayor