Lynnfield High School

Lynnfield, MA

The Lynnfield High School project began with a comprehensive feasibility study that included an evaluation of existing architectural, mechanical, electrical, technology, plumbing, and structural systems. The existing site analysis included parking, vehicular circulation, athletic fields, tennis courts, playfields, pedestrian circulation, and sewage disposal systems. The existing building layout was documented and evaluated for compliance with a newly developed educational program.

A series of options were generated for review and consideration by the Town of Lynnfield and the Building Committee. Numerous public forums were conducted to solicit input from interested citizens and building users. After reviewing a variety of options created by Ai3, the town selected an option that included renovation and addition to the existing high school facility.

Ai3’s design for Lynnfield High School creates a new "identity" for the school and improves circulation into the primary entry point by redesigning and expanding the main entry lobby. The renovation also included expansion of the Science Labs and supporting facilities, and insertion of a "technology-rich" environment into classroom and other academic areas.

Due to the lack of educational space within the Town of Lynnfield, the construction approach required renovating and expanding the existing building while it was occupied by faculty and staff.  The final project is an economical solution to providing a modern 21st Century high school facility, without the high cost associated with new construction or the relocation of students and staff.

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“…very impressed by the professionalism, expertise, and accessibility of the architects and support staff of Ai3 throughout the design and construction process. …especially adept at meeting with the constituents of the school community, listening to their needs and concerns, and responding with a design to meet the educational program. …worked within budget constraints and used a creative approach to creating a product that has exceeded our expectations. They have worked very well to ensure the project is on time and under budget. I give Ai3 my very highest recommendation for producing a quality product and being great to work with on our construction projects.”

Judith A. Evans Former Principal, Lynnfield High School