Hull High School

Hull, MA

The Hull High School project began with a feasibility study to determine if the existing site area, which is bound by the ocean on three sides, was sufficient for a renovation and expansion of the existing school. The site feasibility study began with an analysis of flood plains, tide and current, high velocity wind zones, ground water levels, subsurface soils, and underground utilities. The second phase of the study included an existing facility analysis to determine the feasibility of renovating the existing building vs. constructing an “all new” facility. This analysis included several unique focus areas such as structural resistance to high velocity winds and the ability of exposed building components to resist saltwater corrosion. The analysis also included evaluating the structural and economic feasibility of adding additional building stories onto the existing facility in lieu of displacing additional land area.

Ultimately, the project included: a new Library/Media Center; a new Video Production Studio; creation of new district administration offices; renovation and expansion of Science Lab facilities; a new Main Entry; creation of a modern technology lab environment in a space formerly occupied by the Industrial Technology program; complete renovation of the Fine Arts Center including Auditorium, Stage, Band, Music, and Art facilities; modernization of the existing physical educational space to create a fitness center that can be utilized by the public; insertion of a “technology-rich” environment into classrooms and other academic areas; renovation of all building areas; and reconditioned athletic fields and renovated sidewalks and parking areas. The building was fully occupied throughout the entire duration of construction, which required carefully delineated phasing strategies and guidelines.

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“…completion on time and on budget. …outstanding results led to enormously increased community pride and support for the school system. I recommend, without hesitation, Ai3 to any school district undertaking construction projects.”

Kathleen H. Reynolds, Ph.D. Former Superintendent of Hull Public Schools