Memorial Middle School

Hull, MA

Memorial Middle School is an important and historic icon within the Town of Hull.  Constructed in 1948, dedication of the school was delivered by then Congressman John F. Kennedy. By 1999, however, the Town of Hull was considering demolishing the existing three-story brick structure and replacing it entirely in new.  Instead, the Classical-Revival building and its symbolic clock tower proved to be too valuable architecturally to do away with, and the plan for restoration began.  Modernization was also of prime importance, with the goal being that a 21st Century educational facility would be designed within the 20th Century building shell, thus demonstrating a respect for the past while accommodating a vision for the future.

The transformation of this 355-pupil middle school, serving grades 6-8, presented many challenges.  The program required a comprehensive systems replacement, enhanced science laboratories, collaborative instructional areas, computer and technology labs, and an expanded/centrally-located Media Center for more than just the storage of textbooks. In order to seamlessly incorporate these new program requirements without compromising the classical feel of the architecture, a small 8,800 square foot addition was designed.  The classical portico with three-story stone columns, original slate roof, ornamental clock tower, and symmetrical building facade served as inspiration for the new addition and blends seamlessly with the existing architecture. The original building received an extensive renovation to both its interior and exterior, while maintaining Classical-Revival characteristics.  For example, the original slate roof tiles were restored rather than replaced with modern-day asphalt shingles or EDPM. Care was taken to integrate the building systems and technology infrastructure within the walls and ceiling, rather than keeping it exposed, and accessibility modifications were made to ensure that the historic building was 100% accessible.

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“…completion on time and on budget. …outstanding results led to enormously increased community pride and support for the school system. I recommend, without hesitation, Ai3 to any school district undertaking construction projects.”

Kathleen H. Reynolds, Ph.D. Former Superintendent of Hull Public Schools