In 2007, the Nathan Bishop Middle School, a historically significant Georgian Revival style building constructed in 1928, had been closed for two years due to its poor physical condition and was on the top of Providence Preservation Society's "Most Endangered Properties" list. Prior feasibility studies suggested that the building should be demolished and replaced with a modern new middle school building. Ai3 was hired by the City of Providence to determine if demolition was the only option, or if it was feasible to assume that this historic building could be converted into a modern 21st Century middle school.
The City was also aspiring to draw local students who had fled to private schools back into the City's public school system, and needed a state-of-the-art 21st Century facility to create the necessary learning environment. After significant investigation and design analysis, Ai3 presented options for converting and renovating this historic building, and the City committed to restoring the historic Nathan Bishop Middle School into a modern 21st Century middle school.
The Providence Preservation Society and the Rhode Island Historic Commission applauded the City's decision to save this endangered building. It was designated as the first "historic" green school in Rhode Island, and on opening day the school was flooded with private school converts amazed at the newly created educational environment and its hand-picked faculty, administration, and staff.
- Enhanced classroom acoustics
- High Efficiency Boilers
- Demand Controlled Ventilation Strategy
- Occupancy Sensors for high efficiency HVAC operation
- Premium Efficiency mechanical motors
- 20,000 Gallon rainwater collection system
- Low-flow plumbing fixtures
- High Efficiency water heaters
- Solar Thermal Hot Water System
- High Efficiency fluorescent lighting
- Daylight dimming controls
- Natural day lighting strategies
- Use of existing building structure and materials
- Low emissive materials
- Recycled material content
Our sustainable design strategies, along with other modern amenities, were integrated into the design while simultaneously respecting the existing building's character, charm, and turn-of-the-century detailing. The Nathan Bishop Middle School also educates the students on the practical impact of Green Design through the incorporation of interactive learning kiosks, informational kiosks, and integrated learning environments that have direct applications in the science, chemistry, and physics educational curriculum.
In 2009, the Nathan Bishop Middle School opened as a High-Performance Historic "Green" School Building and the first Northeast CHPS green school in Rhode Island. It has received numerous awards and accolades recognizing the school's success in satisfying educators, historians, community members, and the entire City that an historic building can be converted into a modern, green, 21st Century middle school.
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