The new Whitman-Hanson Regional High School was the first school selected as the "Model High School" by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and received the award as the top performing and most educationally advanced high school by the MSBA. It is one of the most educationally innovative environments in New England and was one of the first CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) certified Green Schools in Massachusetts. In addition to the "green design" features, the new School has also been called the most technologically advanced high school in the United States.
The school has an international reputation for its 21st Century green design and "Smart Building Features." Educators from China commented that they "were completely amazed at the high level of technology and advanced green design features that are seamlessly integrated into all classrooms and public spaces." Towns and Cities throughout the Northeast, including graduate students at Northeastern University, study the school to learn about how green design, educational excellence, community participation, and high quality strategies can all be integrated into a single successful project.
Whitman-Hanson is scheduled to be a featured project in the U.S. Department of Energy's promotional series ‘Highlighting High Performance’. Its environmentally conscious green design includes features like a 50kW photovoltaic array, permitting for a future 10kW wind turbine, a gray water collection system, energy efficient materials, and recycled products. The project received an unprecedented $1.0 million in energy grants, rebates, and green initiatives. It was selected by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative as THE EXAMPLE of a Massachusetts green/sustainable school.
Whitman-Hanson's endless list of amenities include: a fully air-conditioned building, interactive white boards in all classrooms, LCD projectors, document scanners, and video broadcasting in all classrooms, fine arts center with an 850-seat performance auditorium, double gymnasium with second-level indoor walking track, new athletic stadium with track and synthetic turf playfield as well as three additional playfields, indoor and outdoor security cameras and monitoring system for the entire campus, video production studio, and the most sophisticated high school technology infrastructure in New England.
The school also includes strategically located video plasma screens which broadcast information, interactive instruction kiosks in corridors and hallways, a "Main Street" exhibit area presenting the history of the Towns of Whitman and Hanson, automated staff and student ID tracking throughout the building, "Smart Building" HVAC systems which automatically sense the number of occupants and adjust accordingly. This energy-efficient building operates at 38.6% MORE efficient than the new energy code.
Whitman MA  |  New Facility  |  234,492 sf